About institution

C-Will Engineering Training Centre is an established institute with highly qualified professionals, expertise in civil engineering field. The main aim of the institute is to promote awareness among students of why it is necessary to skill up your basic engineering concepts and how do you apply them. We engage students in learning concepts of civil engineering and help them in working out from the basic design to advance analysis. We incorporate application oriented learning by giving them practical exposure to real time problems.

Knowing the in and out of the market, we understand the need of software learning with respect to structural designing, architectural drawings and 3D drawings as well. Using structural software tools a 3D structure can be designed as well as analyzed with respect to time as in the real scenario.

USP (Unique Selling Point):

We believe visualisation and practical application are key factors in learning. And hence we inculcate the habit of applying the knowledge you gain from theoretical concepts into solving real time problems. This makes us stand out in the crowd.

Why we?

Universities and institutions are giving extensive knowledge on the subject. In order to compete the practical world C-will Engineering training center provides student to real time exposure on the practice. To establish individuals as employees or entrepreneurs one really needs these courses.

About the Course

These courses are designed completely based on industry experience. 5 Different courses with more than 500 sub topics with nearly 50 days training to establish each individual as entrepreneurs. One can attend theses course as topic wise. It is individual choice to learn the topics as small pieces or a complete course.

Future agenda

This institution is now focused on Structural engg related subjects. Institution is going to gather few national and international speakers on other than Structural engineering also. The aim of the institution is to train our students or clients to establish themselves as entrepreneurs.